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Man shoots pit bull after it attacks dog


A pit bull was shot over the weekend, after being involved in a dog fight. Marathon County sheriff's officials say a woman was walking her dog, when the pit bull attacked it.

Barb and Kelly Graefe say they'd just finished gardening on Sunday, when they heard screaming from their front yard.

"I said to him, what is that noise? I got up and looked out the window and I saw the pit bull had the neighbor's black lab and she was trying to hold onto him on a leash," said Barb Graefe.

Officials say a woman was walking her black lab, Antonio in a residential neighborhood in Rib Mountain. She didn't want to talk on camera, but told Newsline 9 the pit bull wouldn't let go of her dog.

"I said 'oh my god, the pit bull has the neighbor's black lab.' And I yelled to him, 'go get the gun,'" Barb Graefe told Newsline 9.

Kelly Graefe went to grab his .22-caliber rifle, and that's when Barb ran outside.

"I ran out to her and she said, 'help me, help me.' I said, 'my husband is getting a gun,'" said Graefe.

Kelly Graefe said that's when he shot the dog in the neck.

"I thought we could have hit the dog on the head, but then the dog could have turned on us, or turned on the lady," said Barb Graefe.

Marathon County sheriff's officials say that was the right move.

"It's not safe actually to go in unarmed, into a situation between two dogs that are fighting," said Lt. Dale Wisnewski.

Authorities say the pit bull suffered minor injuries

"The dog was actually in good condition, the owner wasn't even going to take it for a vet check as far as we know of," Wisnewski told Newsline 9.

Antonio, the lab, had some injuries to his ear. His owner says he has an infection, but should be OK. The pit bull's owner didn't want to talk to us, but sheriff's officials say the owner was cited for letting a dog run at large.

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