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Korean War Veteran spends Memorial Day remembering family and soldiers


Korean War Veteran Arnold Breit and his two daughters spent Memorial Day cleaning up and decorating their family's graves in Wausau.

"My parents are buried here, my sister, my mother-in-law, nephew are buried here, my wife is buried in the veterans section," said Breit.

As they swept away dirt and pulled out grass from around tombstones, they said there's no better place to be on Memorial Day.

"It's almost like a small family reunion," said Breit.

And the scene recalls memories of war for veterans like Breit.

"When I was called, I went," said Breit.

His daughter said there are lots of emotions.

"There's some sadness, we laugh a little bit too, there's always a little bit of remembering the good times along with the sad times," said Lenore Breit.

But family said this Memorial Day tradition is about keeping the past alive.

"We share some memories, tell stories, ask questions about the family history," said Breit.

"We need to keep those memories alive for future generations to let them know who their ancestors were and how important family is," said Arnold Breit.

Breit's son-in-law said being with his family and among the grave stones, flags and flowers gives Memorial Day new meaning.

"The things they went through in Korea, the things you never heard about, the war you never heard about and people don't remember, that's what keeps bringing me back now," said Ken Messerschmidt.

Breit's daughter joined her family at the cemetary's ceremony honoring veterans. She said the horros of war changes them forever.

"We can never comprehend what that means to them in their lives," said Lenore Breit.

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