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"Click It Or Ticket" enforced on Memorial Day


Memorial Day weekend has come to an end. Thousands of people are on the roads heading home.

State Patrol officials say it's one of the busiest travel days of the year.

Newsline 9's Nancy Yousef rode along with an officer who says keeping the roads safe is important, and that includes making sure people wear their seat belts.

"Click It Or Ticket," that's a saying we've all heard before. It's a national campaign aimed at getting people to buckle up.

An important tip that can save a life.

"We up our police presence on these holiday weekends and we try to make sure that the troopers that are available to work are working, we've got our Click It Or Ticket officers out there," said State Patrol Sgt. Rich Reichenberger.

Sgt. Reichenberger is on duty this Memorial Day.

"After you've been doing it a while it's pretty easy to spot if someone's wearing their seat belt or not," he said.

During our ride along he pulls into the median on I-39.

"You can see their seatbelts if you're looking for them," he said. "I think I've got one right here."

Minutes later the driver is pulled over.

"I stopped you because you didn't have you're seat belt on, that's why I stopped you," said Reichenberger.

A violation of Wisconsin law, that's going cost this driver.

"Like I said it's $10 no points," said Reichenberger.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, about 80% of occupants in a car wear their seat belts, according to data from 2012. That's lower than the national average of 86%.

"It seems like when people are taking longer trips they tend to wear their seat belt especially when they're out on the highway it's when people would drive more often around their house and you know I'm just going to run to the store and stuff like that and than they tend to not wear their seatbelt," said Reichenberger.

But no matter the distance, Sgt. Reichenberger says buckling up is the law. So if you don't click it, you could get a ticket.

AAA projected almost 700-thousand people from Wisconsin traveled this Memorial Day weekend.

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