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Wisconsin gas prices sitting above $4; 8th highest in country


Gas prices in Wisconsin are now above four dollars for the first time all year.

But you may be seeing that price come down.

Wisconsin ranks eighth in the country for highest gas prices.

"Always thinking of where the money is going to come from next to put in the tank," said Jeremy Mouw of Weston.

Drivers we spoke with said when the gas signs say four dollars, that's when the alarm goes off.

"That's really when it's going to put the hole in the pocket," Mouw told Newsline 9.

Wisconsin is well above the rest of the country. According to Gasbuddy.com, an average gallon of gas in Wisconsin is $3.96, which is 33 cents above the United States average. Just one month ago, prices were 20 cents cheaper.

"Can't really do anything about it," said Jake Egelhoff of Green Bay.

That's a thought shared by many.

"It'd be nice if it dropped another dollar, but that's not going to happen," said Jeff Debroux of Weston.

That's why some drivers like Debroux are turning to savings cards. Instead of filling up for $4.04 a gallon, Debroux is getting his gas at $3.69.

"It just helps out when gas prices get this high," Debroux told Newsline 9.

Experts report refinery issues are to blame for the spike in prices, but they said relief should be on the way.

"The sooner the better obviously, but hopefully within a week's time you'll start to see these prices flatten out and decline," said Gregg Laskoski of Gasbuddy.com.

Something many drivers say they hope to see soon.

"I'm hoping they drop down. Anything lower than four I'll be happy with," said Mouw.

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