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A unique attraction causes a lot of chatter


A unique attraction is causing a lot of chatter in Merrill. It's something you might expect to find in 1800's but now it's in somebody's own house.

It's known as, "the house with the outhouse bathroom."

"It has real barn board track with the barn door and antique handle," Co-owner of Prime Design Construction, the company that designed and built the modern day home.

"To flush the toilet you turn the knob," Stevenson demonstrated inside the home's realistic outhouse bathroom.

The Merrill home is part of the Parade of Homes tour. It's a week long showcase of the Wausau area's latest and greatest houses.

"There's 18 homes to tour this year and they're various styles. Anything from starter homes to very elaborate homes," Stevenson explained.

But this is certainly one of the most unique.

"People love it. It brings back a lot of memories, especially for people that used outhouses when they were growing up," Stevenson said.

People like Joanne Kirby of Merrill.

"It's the memories of being a kid," Kirby said as she walked through the outhouse during her tour of the home.

"It brings back so many memories," Kirby said. "We used to keep our toilet paper in a metal coffee can because the critters would be chewing it."

While there are no critters here, visitors say it still gives off that rustic vibe.

"It fits right in," one visitor said.

Designers say they wanted to make sure the outhouse was completely authentic, so it even comes with a detachable toilet seat, something Kirby says she remembers quite well.

"This one is much nicer."

But it seems outhouses are somewhat of a generational thing.

"I think these kids think an outhouse is a porter potty but there's really no comparison," Kirby joked.

But when a group of teenagers walked in, they didn't exactly take a trip down memory lame.

"I think it's interesting, I don't know if I'd use it regularly," Emily Ross of Edgar said. But hey, it's a toilet."

There's a lot to admire about this house and others in the Parade of Homes. But rest assured this is the only outhouse. 

The Parade of Homes runs through Sunday. For more information or location of other Parade of Homes sites click here: http://www.wausauareabuilders.com/

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