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School is out for the summer!


School is out for the summer, but the weather isn't making it feel much like summer vacation.

"I like having the freedom of being able to do whatever you want," said Austin Rosenberg of Wausau.

Students at the Boys and Girls Club in Wausau say they couldn't be happier.

"I look forward to coming here when school ends because I don't really have a lot to do at home," said Raina Thomas of Wausau.

"I think the big thing is just giving kids a structured, safe environment, to be in on a daily basis, where they can have fun," said Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Brian Stezenski-Williams.

Even though school is over, the one thing that's missing is warmer weather.

"I think it's time for summer to come," Rosenberg told Newsline 9.

At the Aquatic Center in Weston, managers say when school is out, usually the pools are filled with children, but because of the weather, they aren't even open.

"In the past we've been swarmed for free day, everyone gets out of school, they want to celebrate. This is the first year we haven't had a free day for the opening of the season," said Weston Aquatic Center Manager Dylan O'Connor.

That's because it's been too cold.

"If it's under 65 degrees, there's so few people here that it really doesn't pay to operate the facility," O'Connor told Newsline 9.

At the Boys and Girls Club, it doesn't matter if it's chilly outside.

"It certainly doesn't hurt us to have an indoor space where they can come and be comfortable and have a lot of fun," Stezenski-Williams told Newsline 9.

Fun that's certain to continue, as summer vacation gets underway. Now all we need, is for it to feel like June.

The Weston Aquatic Center says the pool will open when the weather cooperates.

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