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Baby Treyden's battle takes turn for the worse

Baby Treyden's battle takes turn for the worse


Sad news about a Stratford baby fighting for his life. Treyden Kurtzweil has flown back home still sick and without a cure.

Friends and family members say Friday's news is heartbreaking, but they haven't given up hope.

Tracey Bauer can't stop thinking about some unpleasant news she received early Friday morning.

"They were flying him back up here to Marshfield to be with his family and friends," said Bauer.

She's talking about Treyden Kurtzweil.

Newsline 9 has been following his story ever since he was diagnosed with cancer. He and his family have spent time at St. Jude's hospital in Tennessee hoping Treyden could receive a life-saving procedure. But today, they flew back home.

Treyden's mother tells Newsline 9 doctors say there's nothing else they can do.

"Treyden had several seizures, and they put him in ICU with a breathing tube. I guess at one time his heart stopped, and they were able to revive him, and from that point on I guess it's just, he's kind of gone downhill," said Bauer.

Bauer says she doesn't know the Kurtzweil family very well. But she's wanted to help, so she held two rummage sales in Weston and now a third one this weekend in Stratford. All to raise money for Treyden's family.

"I really want Treyden to beat this," said Bauer.

Hundreds of people from all around the state have donated food, clothes, and toys for the rummage sale.

Bauer donated her time and she's grateful for buyers who are donating money.

"We did hear about the bad news and everything, but it is never a bad time to come out to show your support for him and the family," said Stratford resident Amanda Spindler.

Bauer says Treyden has fought hard and she says the fight is not over. Treyden will turn one year old on Monday. Bauer says she has a birthday card she can't wait to send.

Organizers say they hoped to raise $1,000 dollars Friday. The rummage sale ends Saturday at 6 p.m. It's held at Zion Lutheran Church in Stratford at 700 N. 2nd Ave.

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