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Outdoors with Lauren: Bowfishing

I met up with Dennis Wendt and Karl Hanke to go carp fishing with a bow and arrow. They call it bowfishing.
    Wendt says it's becoming more popular, "It's becoming huge, you get on the Internet and Google bowfishing and you see people's rigs and the equipment that is offered these days and it's growing."
    The two Rib Mountain Bowmen Members are in the middle of a bowfishing tournament on lake Wausau, but they take a break to teach me the approach to this unique sport.
    The explain a few tips, "You have to use the wind. If you use this trolling moter, the vibrations will spook the fish away and your chances of sneaking up on them are not good."
    Spawning carp make something called mud bombs, revealing their location to the fishermen. "They'll take off and this big cloud of mud will come up and so then you know there was a carp there."
    While looking for a spawning carp or one sunning itself on the surface, I decided to do some target practice on floating garbage.
    We didn't see any carp while I was in the boat, but the two avid bowfishermen had enough luck to shoot the winning carp in their tournament, motivating me to get out and try it again sometime.  "You take a lot of shots and you don't always succeed, and you keep coming back because the shots are always there. But reloading is cheap. You just pick up the arrow and shoot again."

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