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Golfing for Father's Day in Wausau


This Father's Day, the weather was right on par, so Pat Stone and his son, Carson, decided to head to the Trapp River Golf Course in Wausau to make the most of it.

They don't claim to be pros, but they said this game, and this day, are about a lot more than the final score.

"There are a lot of kids that either don't want to spend time with their parents or their parents don't really care to spend time with them," said Carson Stone.

"There's a lot of parents whose kids don't have the time for them, or care to have the time for them, but it's nice that he does," said Pat Stone.

These two said they've spent a lot of time at the golf course over the years.

"We've been going golfing since he was a little guy," said Pat Stone.

"I never used to beat him before, but now I can kind of make fun of him when I beat him," said Carson Stone.

But this is their first Father's Day golf game.

"The fact that he has time to spend with me, I'll take advantage of that," said Pat Stone.

As the two move along the course, they're hoping for some better luck.

But even if they don't finish under or even at par, they said they'll keep playing and building their relationship at the same time.

"I think I'll beat him, I'm pretty positive," said Carson Stone.

A game these two will likely remember for many years to come.

Golf course managers said they were busy Sunday with plenty of fathers and children on the golf course.

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