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June Bugs out in full force


As the warm weather settles in so do the bugs. Experts say this month an adult beetle has been pretty popular.

The June Bug is out in full force. It's about an inch in size and experts say the beetle is attracted to light.

During the day they normally hide in trees, but these bugs are active at night. That's when experts say they do most of their eating, usually foliage of trees, shrubs, and grass.

Biologists say the bugs normally come out in the early summer to mate and lay eggs.

They say they come from landscapes of turf grass that have not been treated with chemicals.

Experts say last summer's drought caused these bugs to be more visible and active this year.  

"If it had been wetter last summer there would be a lot more mortality from the bacteria and the fungi on those grubs in the soil and we wouldn't see the large number of adults that we're seeing this year," said UWMC Associate Biology Professor, Paul Whitaker.

Experts say the June Bug is not harmful to people or animals, but they say the insect does have claws that stick to clothes or skin.

They say if it lands on you just gently pull it off.

Officials say they expect the June Bug to stick around for another two weeks.

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