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Trapp River Golf Course: The story behind the #8 green


Just northeast of Wausau, Trapp River Golf Course features 18 holes on more than 6,300 yards of scenic Wisconsin land. Up until about the year 2000, most golfers who played Trapp River feared one particular hole, but then a much needed renovation was made.

"It was everybody's scary hole when they came to Trapp because you never knew what was going to happen," says Trapp River's club pro, Paul Bjerke.

Before the new millennium the 500 yard par five 8th at Trapp River featured a green with such an extreme slope that it was nearly impossible to card a score under par.

"Back in the day anything could happen on that green," recalls Bjerke. "You could hit a foot passed the hole and it could roll back to longer than you had on your initial putt. You could have who knows how many putts, you could four, five, six, seven putts."

About 12 years ago some changes were made to the tough par 5.

"We just wanted to make it more fair for people," says Bjerke. We didn't want it to always come down to just a lucky putting situation."

The renovation included taking away 20 feet from the hill in the middle of the fairway and adding that soil to the right side of the green to reduce the drastic down slope.

Now that this dance floor is easier to play, Trapp River's regulars have adopted a "gone and forgotten" mentality towards the old green.

Bjerke says that before the renovation, golfers would come back to the clubhouse with complaints of how they scored on #8. But since the change to the green, players have had no problems with the once-impossible putting surface.

"A lot of the people who have been playing out here for a lengthy amount of time, they'll talk about once in awhile but for the most part it's just kind of past history. The renovation definitely was embraced and it's a good change."


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