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Jefferson award winner honored in D.C.


Connie Wang has been volunteering witha north central fire department for more than three decades. For herdedication, she was honored at 80-years-old, with what she calls the"trip of a lifetime."

When Wang's pager goes off, she jumpsat the chance to help.

"I don't hesitate, I'm out thedoor and gone," said Wang.

Wang has been volunteering as aPrentice EMT for more than 30 years. She says her work won't be doneany time soon.

"As long as I got my health, andas long as I can keep doing this. You don't know the rewards of justpeople that you've helped coming and say, 'oh thank you Connie,'"Wang told Newsline 9.

The 80-year-old woman says afterwitnessing a hunting accident back in 1978, she was compelled toserve.

That was 34 years ago. Newsline 9brought you her story last October of her overwhelming dedication.Wang even sleeps at the fire station, when manning the overnightshift. It's that dedication that gave her the opportunity torepresent north central Wisconsin in our nation's capitol for theJefferson Awards.

"It was just awesome. I've neverexperienced anything like this before and it was just elegant, it wasjust out of this world," said Wang.

Last month, Wang was joined by hundredsof other Jefferson Award finalists from around the country. While shewasn't one of the five winners, Wang says the trip was about muchmore than that.

"I've had different people say'Connie, you've already won,' you know what I mean. Yes, it wouldhave been nice, but just being chosen was a lifetime experience forme," said Wang.

While at the nation's capitol, she metSenator Ron Johnson, and even managed to throw a few jokes around.

"I said we have nine months ofwinter and three months of tough sledding and he just laughed. Andthen we had our pictures taken with him," said Wang.

Wang says she was overwhelmed by theresponse she had in D.C.

"The spokesman got up there at theend and said, 'imagine if everyone was like Constance, this would bea better world," said Wang.

This Jefferson Award winner says it's atrip she will always remember.

"I'm just a small town girl,this is like, pinch me," said Wang.

Connie Wang says her work and her bigfamily are always keeping her busy, even at 80.

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