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Fun in the mud: The Muggy Buggy Xtreme


Muggy Buggy Xtreme competitors looked confident and clean when they started, but the 2.3 kilometer race to the finish quickly changed that.

Throughout the timed event runners took on steep hills, waist deep mud, a bug infested swamp pit, as well as a pond that left them wet, tired, and with a rather fowl smell. But organizers say it's all about having fun while spending time with friends and family.

"People really enjoy getting down and dirty, wet and soaky, especially on a hot sunny day like this," says Muggy Buggy coordinator Tim Collins. "Going through mud is just something that's fun and natural for everybody here."

Age was of wide variety on the course and the obstacles made it difficult for even the most energetic of competitors

Seven-year-old Alton Ozarowicz from Cedar Rapids, IA thought the event was fun but he had some troubles with getting through all the mud.

"It was hard because at first I couldn't get on my knees because they started crawling," says Ozarowicz. "They told me to crawl but I couldn't because I was stuck. My shoes were stuck in it."

While most of the Muggy Buggy Xtreme participants were in it specifically for the fun experience, the top finishers can't deny that when they woke up this morning they had the intent of winning.

Women's 1st place finisher, Jennifer Chaudoir, traveled from Green Bay to test her mud run skills.

"I'm pretty competitive so this is like over 30 races this year already. I have to admit, I like winning," laughed Chaudoir.

On the men's side, 17-year-old Luke Waschbusch from Verona registered the fastest time. Waschbusch is using fun events like this to prepare for cross country season.

"I guess I kind of had the intent of trying to win but I didn't think I would actually win but it was a nice surprise that I did."

Over two hundred people took part in the day's events, proving that the Muggy Buggy is a popular way to spend part of the holiday weekend.

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