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Minocqua zoo welcomes giraffe duo


Northern Wisconsin is a place of abundant animal life. But this summer some new creatures are calling it home.

That's because Wildwood Wildlife Park, 10094 State Hwy 70 West, Minocqua has welcomed Teeke and Twiga, two young giraffes to the zoo.

"They have acclimated very well to their surroundings," Judy Domaszek, co-director of the zoo told Newsline 9.

Domaszek and her husband have spent the past 17 years growing a small family-run business into what they say makes their operation Wisconsin's largest zoo outside of Milwaukee.

"The female has really unusual tufts on top of her head, they're really curly. So people have been really enjoying getting up close and personal with them," Domaszek said.

And considering young giraffes can grow up to an inch a day as a calf, that's an easy task.

"Teeke comes from a blood line where his dad is 19-feet tall so he's going to be a big giraffe and so we're building for the future so when they get older and bigger that we can still have a safe environment for them and the people that are viewing," Domaszek said.

As a former teacher, Domaszek says she thinks children learn best through experience. A principle exemplified through the park's petting zoo.

"Hands on is always so much better for you to be able to retain and appreciate the animals around you and respect them," Domaszek said. "We see grandparents come, parents, tots, teens and generations that keep coming to this zoo as a family, and that's a great thing" she continued.

For information on admission, directions and other activities at the zoo follow this link.

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