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Marshfield police shoot and kill pit bull


Marshfield Police shot and killed a pit bull, after they said it sprinted toward an officer. Police defend their actions, but neighbors say the dog wasn't vicious.

Marshfield Police said they were called to Kalsched Street Wednesday night, for a pit bull running loose.

"They did talk to one of the complainants that said the dog had chased him and his dog but had then backed down," said Marshfield Police Department Lt. Rick Gramza.

Officers said they didn't know who the dog belonged to, or where it lived. Gramza told Newsline 9 not long after officers arrived, the pit bull ran into a mobile home park nearby. That's when officers said things got worse.

"The dog at one point turned and began charging one of our officers, to the point of getting within a couple feet of the officer. The officer feared for his safety and did discharge his firearm at the dog, striking the dog twice," said Gramza.

The pit bull's owner declined to talk to Newsline 9 on camera, but they said they're devastated. Neighbors who knew the dog said they were surprised when they heard what happened.

"It was loving and it was caring and anyone in the community here can testify to state that this dog was not aggressive what so ever," said Don Tomczak of Marshfield.

Police said it's hard to know when a dog can become aggressive. They said shooting the dog wasn't what the officer wanted to do, but what he felt he had to.

"There's no telling what the best option is. If the pepper spray doesn't work, or if the Taser doesn't make connections with that dog, it's not going to stop that dog and somebody is going to get hurt," said Gramza.

Marshfield Police said they're still investigating the shooting. Officials said they've handled other issues with the dog's owners before, but they say no citations have ever been issued. Police said they're trying to determine if citations will be issued in this case.


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