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Gas experts: worst summer on record for gas prices


No one likes it, but people still pay it.

"Watch me put my paycheck down the gas tank," Steve Nelsen of Wausau said as he filled up his tank at the IMR BP gas station in Weston. "It's the way of the world right now."

Gas prices in our area are on the rise, again. In one week, the price at the pump went up $0.19.

"It's certainly possible that pressure will continue to mount resulting in even higher prices this week," said Patrick DeHaan of

DeHaan says the turmoil in oil-producing countries like Egypt and Syria are to blame.

"This is not a normal year for gas prices if there is such a thing," said DeHaan.

That means many drivers will have to pay more to fill up, something drivers say they're used to.

"They go down for a few days, make everybody happy and then up they go again," said Nelsen.

In fact, experts say this summer is one of the most volatile when it comes to gas prices.

"Generally oil prices move quite a bit slower, gas prices move slower but we've seen quite a few events that have resulted in a lot of volatility with ups and downs at the pump," explained DeHaan.

In the last three weeks, prices have jumped dramatically. In June, the average price per gallon in Wisconsin was $3.87. Then, three weeks later it dropped to $3.46. Now, prices are back up to $3.66, and it's not looking any better. By August prices could rise another $0.30 which would put these signs close to $4.

"We'll use the other vehicles we have that are better on gas," said Green Bay native Pat Baten.

So experts say fill up while you can. Because the way this summer is going, you never know what's next.

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