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Newsline 9's outdoor expert battles outdoor disease


It was just another outdoors shoot. Newsline 9 Sports director Lauren Magiera was taping a segment of "Outdoors with Lauren."

"Look there's a tick," Lauren said as they were hiking through the woods.

After a successful day, she headed back.

"It was so awesome," she explained.

But, three weeks later that all changed.

"I woke up one morning and I could barely move, it hurt to get out of bed."

She didn't know what was wrong.

"It took my friends, my co-workers and my supervisor to say, this is so unlike you, you don't seem yourself, we're really concerned about you, you need to go to the doctor," Lauren explained.

So she did. Just before she sat in the doctors office she remembered that outdoors shoot.

"I remembered we had been hiking and I had seen so many ticks," Lauren explained. "Later that night I had found an extremely small tick on my hip but I didn't think much of it."

Now, that extremely small tick was likely the cause of some extremely big problems.

"It can lead to meningitis or problems with the heart, heart disease, those are the two major ones," explained Dr. Larry Gordon from Aspirus Hospital in Weston.

Luckily, Lauren caught the disease before any real damage was done. So early in fact her blood tests came back negative.

"In Wisconsin we presume you have Lyme disease if you present with the right symptoms and have tick exposure," Dr. Gordon said.

Now Lauren is on the mend. After a round of antibiotics, and a lot of sleep, she's feeling back to her old self. But one thing has changed, forever.

"My attitude. When you're in the outdoors you really are in a different realm and you're not always in control of everything that can happen," Lauren said.

So as she gears up for another outdoors shoot and another adventure, she says she's not afraid.

"My passion for the outdoors will always be as strong as it ever was. But, I'm just going to be extremely more careful and mindful."

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