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Newsline 9 Exclusive: Murder suspect's son speaks out

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We're learning more about a Lincoln County murder case.

Mark Bucki, 49, is charged with the murder of his wife, Anita, 48.

Thursday, prosecutors revealed new evidence in the investigation, but Bucki's son, Clint, said he still believes his father is innocent.

Mark Bucki faced a Lincoln County judge Thursday.

Bucki is charged in the murder of his wife, Anita Bucki.

Prosecutors argued the evidence points to him, but his son said his father is innocent.

"I know he's innocent, I've thought about it many times, when it all first started, I even questioned him and I know he didn't do it, he loved my mom," said Clint Bucki.

Even with Bucki's son's doubts, the prosecution was adamant about the evidence found in the investigation.

"He was burning items in the burn barrel, and had actually burned that section of carpet," said Lt. Mark Gartmann, Lincoln County Sheriff's Department.

Lincoln County Sheriff's Lt. Mark Gartmann said the department discovered Mark Bucki had a girlfriend before the murder and throughout the investigation.

They also said Bucki had no intention of staying with his wife, Anita, reading from a letter he wrote to his girlfriend from jail.

"The feelings I had for her sure are gone since I've been stuck in here," said Lt. Gartmann.

Gartmann also testified that investigators found Mark Bucki was unemotional throughout the investigation, even when he reported his wife missing.

"There was no concern, in his voice, I noticed it was a matter-of-fact type tone," said Lt. Gartmann.

But Mark and Anita Bucki's son said even with the evidence presented in court, he still hasn't seen anything to make him believe his father could do what he's accused of.

"He loved her, he had no reason to ever do anything, to harm her, he wanted the best for her, she wanted the best for him," said Clint Bucki.

Bucki is expected to go to trial in September.

We reached out for comment from Mark Bucki's attorneys and our calls were not returned.

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