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Speed limit on Wis. highways could soon be 70 mph


The speed limit on Wisconsin's major highways could soon go up.

Lawmakers are working on a new bill to raise the speed limit from 65 to 70.

But drivers said the increase wouldn't really matter.

JoAnn Jones-Holden drives a lot.

"I do home health for a living, I'm up and down this highway all the time," said Jones-Holden.

So it's natural she'd have strong opinions about her fellow drivers, especially when it comes to the speed limit.

"I get blown out of the water when I have mine set at 70, people constantly shooting past me doing 75, 80," said Jones-Holden.

Some lawmakers in Madison are working on a bill to raise the speed limit on Wisconsin's major highways to 70 mph.

Many drivers we talked to said it's time to speed up.

"There's no reason not to have a higher speed limit, I think," said Ann Hartney.

Some of northcentral Wisconsin's lawmakers said they're optimistic about the speed limit increase.

"I think there's some merit to doing this, many of our neighboring states do it on their interstate highways," said State Sen. Tom Tiffany.

"I have no problem with increasing the speed limit, I haven't heard from any sheriff's or local police that have any objections," said State Rep. Mandy Wright.

While the bill is still being tweaked, lawmakers said they have a lot of questions about the cost and effects of a higher speed limit.

"Are we going to have additional wear and tear on our roads, and then of course, safety, are there safety concerns," said State Sen. Tiffany.

"I would be very interested like I said in talking to our local sheriff's and police officers as well as other health officials to see if there is a real change in just 5 mph," said State Rep. Wright.

Newsline 9 reached out to State Patrol for comment about the proposed increase. No one returned our calls.

Department of Transportation officials said they couldn't comment until they see the full bill.

While lawmakers work on the legislation, drivers said they're just ready for a change.

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