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26 injured eagles recover at Antigo facility


Dozens of eagles are recovering in Langlade County after all of them suffered traumatic injuries.

Those birds were hurt in a number of different accidents from being hit by a car, to flying into power lines.

"She was hit by a car, and does have a broken wing," Raptor Education Group Executive Director Marge Gibson said of just one of 26 eagles at the center.

Eight of those 26 came to the facility in just the last two weeks.

"We've been pretty busy," said Gibson.

All of the eagles' injuries are severe.

"She unfortunately touched an electric line near Bancroft," said Gibson of a young female eagle. "Hitting power lines is something that happens with them. They have wide wings, very wide wings."

No two injuries are the same, but Gibson says they all lead to one thing.

"Once they're injured, they're on the ground, and they're not able to eat. So they have starvation as a byproduct of that," Gibson told Newsline 9.

Some eagles are here for the first time, but others are back again.

"She had a broken wing at that time, so she's been out for 18 years, on her own again. And this time she was hit by a car so she has another broken wing," said Gibson of an older eagle in her care.

Leaders at the rehabilitation group say they hope most of these birds will fly again, but if they don't, experts say that may not be such a bad thing.

"They can live a lot longer in captivity than they can in the wild. They don't have to hunt here and they don't have to worry about predators," said Gibson.

For now, all they do have to worry about is getting better.

Leaders at the Raptor Education Group say they hope to release the eagles back into the wild in the next few months.

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