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Back to School Safety


Students throughout Central Wisconsin are heading back to school, and that means parents are making sure their children are doing everything they can to stay safe.

"We do a lot of safety talk, we do a lot about making sure that kids feel safe," said Holly Spurlin of Wisconsin Rapids.

Spurlin is a mother of three and also a teacher.

"Stranger danger is huge, looking both ways before you cross the street, we kind of have a school that's in the center of town so it's really important that we follow the crossing guards and follow directions, and making sure that we're listening to the adults around us," added Spurlin.

Sandy Meyer tells Newsline 9 that she's also been talking to her son Aiden about dealing with strangers.

"Look for strangers, if there's a stranger you don't talk to them," added Meyers.

If your children are walking to school, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation recommends reminding them to always look both ways before crossing a street.

Also knowing what the street signs mean.

Safety experts also suggest making sure your student has a buddy to walk with.

When biking, DOT officials say children should always wear a helmet and know the rules of the road.

For those students who will be taking a bus to get to school, safety experts recommend staying at least three giant steps away from curb while waiting to be picked up.

Another tip: always watch for other vehicles when getting on or off the bus.

All things parents like Spurlin will be talking about to help keep children safe as they begin a new school year.

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