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Sneak peek at new world class golf course


We'regetting the very first look at renovations underway at Sentry Worldgolf course in Stevens Point. It closed last year for construction.Since then, plans have remained under wraps. But, Newsline 9 got asneak peak.

Brandnew greens, white sand, and longer holes are just some of what's tocome at the new sentry world golf course.

"Theonce a month golfer is going to find it a lot easier to manage andthe better golfer is going to have more options," said Head GolfProfessional Brian Dumler.

Sentryofficials announced the major renovation project last year. Thecourse has been closed to the public since then. So far, a lot haschanged.

"Mostof the holes are about the same, but there's some changes, somedifferent angles we're using, some different parts of the property,so yeah, it's a different golf course," explained Dumler.

NowSentry World has announced another project. The sports facility isalso getting a make over.

"It'sgoing to be a real revitalization not only to this property, but tothe area," said Director of Hospitality Susan Placzek.

Witha brand new pro shop, tennis courts, restaurant, and banquet space,Sentry officials hope it will be a destination in the community.

"Whetheryou golf or play tennis or any other sports or not, it's a place youwant to bring your friends and family and relax," said StephanieSmith, Director of Corporate Communications.

"Wehave a perfect location to draw from all over," added Placzek.

Companyofficials won't reveal a price tag for the projects, but say they'reentirely funded through Sentry World.

"Torenew our business and revitalize and reinvent and to keep up, wehave to improve," said Placzek.

Butin the sports facility, and out on the golf course, there's still alot of work to do before the doors can open.

"Ittruly will be worth it," assured Placzek.

Thebuilding and the golf course are expected to open by late nextsummer.

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