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Remembering 9/11 events a difficult decision for educators


At elementary schools across Central Wisconsin some teachers talked about 9/11. Others didn't.

Teachers say the details of that day made it hard to know exactly what to do.

Younger students weren't alive when the tragic 9/11 events took place. Some educators tell us that puts them in a tough position.

"It's hard to decide yeah that's good for all kids when other parents might have different sets of standards and beliefs," said Todd Felhofer, principal at Lincoln Elementary School in Marshfield.

Felhofer says he made the choice to talk briefly about 9/11 in the morning announcements.

"We just gave students a very basic knowledge of when did it happen obviously, how many years ago was it, and how many Americans lost their lives," added Felhofer.

Cathryn Kolpanen teaches sixth grade social science at Grant Elementary School in Marshfield.

She tells Newsline 9 that working with sixth graders gives her a little more leniency on the tragedy that killed nearly 3,000 people.

Kolpanen says she uses CNN footage to visually show students what happened that day but adds that she has to approach the tragic events carefully.

"Parents are sometimes talking with kids, sometimes not and that's where we have to be a little careful," said Kolpanen.

"We don't want to overload them, and frighten them in a way that's not going to be good for the child, or that could concern parents as to did we go too far," added Felhofer.

Two other elementary schools in Marshfield reported that they decided not to talk about the 9/11 anniversary in any announcements or classroom discussions.

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