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Hunting for bargains in Stevens Point


More than 100 people gathered in Stevens Point Monday, looking to find treasure in someone's left behind trash. Reality television has introduced the world of buying abandoned storage units.

"We're selling 21 units today. A lot of opportunity to get in and buy," said Sterling Auction Services Owner, Sterling Strathe.

Strathe went over the rules with those participating, "you can't go into the unit. You can't reach in and try to grab something or whatever."

After just a few minutes of looking inside, the bidding begins.

Organizers say events like this are gaining a lot of popularity in part because of shows like Storage Wars.

The units have been abandoned and anyone with cash can bid away. Everything inside is up for grabs.

"Even if it's all boxes, you don't know what's in there until you start opening them," said Strathe.

Melody Boyd was one of the more than 100 people at the auction. She has experience with them.

“They've both been profitable, so it's kind of a fun hobby," said Boyd of Appleton.

A hobby that has her coming back for more. She bought the unit for $290. When Boyd started diving in one of the first items she found was arguably one of the most fascinating—a shell casing from 1953.

She found a variety of things from the historical to the obscure.

"Letters from prison, that's kind of interesting," said Boyd.

As the event came to a close, people vowed to auction again. The units sold from $25 to more than $1,500.

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