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Athlete of the Week: Vanessa Boorse


The Wausau East volleyball team is undefeated and sitting atop the Wisconsin Valley Conference.  Part of the Lumberjacks success can be attributed to our Athlete of the Week.
Vanessa Boorse helped her team succeed after making a position change early in her high school career, "I'm a captain and everything so I should have that responsibility."
Spoken like a true setter, although Vanessa Boorse didn't start her high school career as a setter. Over the course of the last few seasons she's developed into one of the area's best at that position.
You wouldn't know it now, but the transformation from outside hitter to setter was uncomfortable for Boorse at first.
"It definitely was hard my first year because each hitter likes the ball different. My first game I was really scared because I was like whenever I make a mistake everyone's going to notice because I'm touching the ball every single time so if I'm not having a good game, everyone knows it. So it was kind of stressful at first."
The senior has embraced the position change and she says now she gets much more enjoyment from playing her favorite sport
"It's kind of nice being involved in every single play. I just love it now. I wouldn't want to do anything else but set."

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