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NTC welcomes two international students from Asia

WAUSAU (WAOW) - Northcentral Technical College in Wausau is home to thousands of students. Dozens of them are from around the world.

This fall two students from Asia joined the NTC family and they say it's a bit of a culture shock.

Meet Tatyana Malyhina.

"I'm from Turkmenistan," said Malyhina.

And Moeed Ahmed.

"I'm from Pakistan," said Ahmed.

Tatyana and Moeed came to the United States in August.

They're taking classes at NTC as part of the U.S. Department of State's Global Undergraduate Exchange Program.

"It's a big shock for me because even in the evening I don't find anyone on the roads or anything," said Moeed.

"It's always hard at the beginning to adjust to a new environment because countries are really different, everything is different, the culture, the people," said Malyhina.

Tatyana is a sophomore this year majoring in Business Administration. While Moueed is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering.

"It's mostly the same here like the education, but in the city I can tell there's a difference," said Malyhina.

Tatyana says this isn't her first trip to the United States. But she says several things about Wausau stand out.

"I really like people here, people are really friendly and supportive and I'm amazed by the Wisconsin nature," said Malyhina.

And Moeed has become a football fan.

"Ya now I become a Packers fan," he said.

School leaders say the global program aims to give international students a chance to study in the states. But also a feel for the American culture.

"Welcoming international students to NTC really goes along with the mission and vision of the college as well as the mission and vision of global education," said Michelle Lindell, the Global Education Director at NTC.

"Turkmenistan is a really developing country now and they're in great need of well-educated youth," said Malyhina.

Both students say will return home after they finish their American education. They say they look forward to using their new skills.

Tatyana is expected to study at NTC for two semesters. And Moeed is here for one.
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