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Outdoors with Lauren: M1 Grand Competition


I met my shooting mentor Jim Kesy back in June at the Duane Corbin shooting range in Mosinee. Kesy says competing helps him find balance, "High powered service competition teaches you focus and concentration. It's really helped to center me in my life."
He invited me to train for the M1 Grand match a high powered rifle competition, and at the time I had no idea how much was involved. "We've been working on this for over a month to get the sight adjust aments, positions and general range procedure."
Now that it's match day, I'm so grateful for the time Kesy has spent teaching me as I start this competition feeling prepared.  The competition starts with the prone position, then moves into a rapid fire from laying down. Which means you are timed to shoot two rounds, re-load and fire 8 more rounds.  Next is rapid fire from sitting position and it ends with off-hand while standing.
I had a few bad shots that really dropped my placing, but I felt confident and satisfied with a final of 397 out of 500 which landed me in 19th place out of 25 people.

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