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Ready, set, snowplow!


Even though fall has just begun, snowplow drivers are already thinking winter. On Wednesday they put their skills to the test in a unique competition to get ready for the season.

After many weeks of summer, city workers have to start thinking about snow.

"It's been a while since they've been out," said Wausau Public Works Street Superintendent Don Skare.

Every year the Wausau Department of Public Works holds the Snowplow Rodeo. Drivers must maneuver around twists and turns.

"They have targets that they have to hit without knocking them over. So it takes a little finesse to do that," said Skare.

That's easier said than done. The drivers do compete for bragging rights, but there's also something much more valuable on the line.

"The winner of the rodeo today gets a day of vacation, the runner up gets a half-a-day. This is something they really take seriously. It's something that really gets them to try and compete," said Skare.

How practical are these drills? Skare says they all come in handy.

"They do have to back up and get into tight areas," said Skare.

Drivers say the point of all of it is being prepared.

"This is the northern part of the state and we know we're going to get snow," Skare told Newsline 9.

After all, we do live in Wisconsin.

Public works leaders say no one has ever gotten a perfect score on the course, but some have gotten close.

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