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Recovering Rosholt football player cheered on field


Another Friday night in central Wisconsin and a special high school football story.

One player is cheered on the field as he recovers from a life-changing medical condition.

He's already spent a month in the hospital and he said his determination is stronger than ever.

This championship high school football game is unlike any other.

18-year-old Senior Trevor Buza, a Rosholt Hornet, is back on the field even for just a few hours.

"We better win conference, it's for a championship we've got to win that, I'm just hoping I can give them a boost in the second half if we need it," said Trevor Buza.

For more than a month, Buza has been recovering from a form of viral meningitis. It attacked his spinal cord and temporarily paralyzed him.

Buza lost more than 40 pounds.

"That's the scariest thing to see your child on a respirator," Leslie Buza, Trevor's mother.

"It's weird looking down at your legs and stuff and trying to move them and they just don't do anything," said Buza.

His parents said the symptoms started just days into this school year. They aren't sure how it happened.

But they said his determination to recover has never weakened.

"Just seeing everything progress and always getting better, it keeps you up," said Buza.

"He got himself through that, he was not going to be put back on," said Leslie Buza.

Even with the tough times, Buza said his friends and family have made this recovery a team effort.

"They talk to me all the time, they all have the 'Fight for Trevor' wristbands," said Buza.

Friday night, his team stood up to support him.

"They were there the whole first two, three weeks, everyday," said Buza.

"This event in his life, and it's an event, is going to lead him down some path that he's going to do something great, I can feel it in my heart," said Leslie Buza.

He won't be able to return to finish his senior year just yet, but he said won't give up.

Trevor Buza said he still has between five and six weeks of rehab in the hospital.

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