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Outdoors with Lauren: Big Buck

Gun season for deer hunting opens November 21.  There is still plenty of time to scout land, set up tree stands and get your rifle sighted in.
On this weeks Outdoors with Lauren I bring you a story that might spark your excitement for the upcoming season.
Avid outdoorsman Mike Okray has hunted all over the world. "Arctic Circle, Australia, and Africa. I enjoy the physicality of these remote areas."
This Central Wisconsin native tells me this deer he shot in Colorado with his friend is his proudest accomplishment, "We just looked at it and didn't jump or holler. We just stared at it and my friend said, I think you just shot the new record in the state of Colorado."
36 countable points, and 8 that were broken off that were not countable at the time.  Before it was dressed out it weighed 318 pounds. "It ended up being 258 points non-typical by Boone and Crockett. That was the net score, the gross score was 268 and it's still the number one deer in Colorado."
Okray tells me while bagging a big buck is a thrill, his favorite part is the experience he gains outdoors, "To think like an animal does, I think that's a lot of fun. I really enjoy just being in the woods and being part of the adventure, even if I don't get anything."

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