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Wisconsin residents volunteer for historic cancer study


This month Newsline 9 told you about a nationwide study to help find a cure for cancer.

Since then hundreds from north and central Wisconsin have volunteered.

One Marshfield father volunteered for what the American Cancer Society says is a chance to be a part of an historic medical study.

"Being enrolled in this study is very personal for myself and my family, my five year old son William is undergoing treatment for leukemia," said Dave Krause, study volunteer.

Krause says his son was diagnosed one year ago.

"When you see a child especially with cancer, they don't deserve it and no one deserves it but especially a child," Krause added.

Officials with the American Cancer Society say the study is nationwide.

They hoped to have 700 people signed up from northern and central Wisconsin by the end of the year.

Nearly 1,000 people have already volunteered for the study.

Now officials have raised the goal to 1,500 people.

Christopher Mueller of the Marshfield Clinic is helping organize the study.

"I think one of the positive things of this study versus a lot of the studies carried on right here at the Marshfield Clinic is that this really targets cancer prevention," said Mueller, manager of oncology services at the Marshfield Clinic.

Mueller tells Newsline 9 that he supports this study for many reasons, one being that he's a 10-year cancer survivor.

"I learned kind of the hard way of just how realistic it is," Mueller said.

Krause adds that his son has at least another year of cancer treatment.

Just another reason why the father joined the study hoping to find a cure.

"Any little bit you can do as an individual to help and this study provides any of us an opportunity to help out, and hopefully help the American Cancer Society find a cure," said Krause.

Officials with the American Cancer Society say the study is scheduled to begin January first.

People interested in volunteering have until the end of December to sign up.

For more information on how you can get involved click on the link below.


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