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UWSP professor getting up close with breast cancer


A UW-Stevens Point professor is taking her struggles with breast cancer to the classroom. She inherited the gene from her father and now wants to know more about it, in hopes of helping others.

If you look at Diane Caporale, you'd probably never know she's had breast cancer, twice.

"It caused me to lose my hair and feel very very tired and sick at times," said Caporale.

Caporale says she first learned she had cancer five years ago, in the halls at UW-Stevens Point.

"Then I had to go right in and teach my lecture, so it was very difficult to find out that there was an anomaly in my breast," said Caporale.

This wasn't her first encounter with cancer.

"I lost both of my parents to cancer. I actually inherited the bad gene from my father, not my mother," said Caporale.

Instead of sitting around, wondering why this happened, Caporale set out to make the most of it.

"Whenever something bad or dire happens, my philosophy is to learn about it and move forward and how can I bring this into the classroom," said Caporale.

Now, Caporale studies the gene that made her sick and says that has inspired her students to want to do the same.

"I’ve had students come to me and ask 'can we this disorder and that disorder, this is in my family' and it's become really really interesting and we're looking at five different disorders right now,” said Caporale.

Caporale is now cancer free. This week, the five-year survivor will tell her story, hoping to inspire.

"I need to educate others and make others realize what it's like to have cancer," said Caporale.

That, combined with her studies, has become her life mission, something she says she's proud to take on.

Caporale's speech is scheduled for this Wednesday at UW-Stevens Point at 7 p.m. It is free and open to the public.

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