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Dog shot with arrow gains global attention


An Adams County family is devastated after their puppy was shot and killed with an arrow. Now, they want justice. This story has gone viral on social media with about 129,000 shares Wednesday morning and counting. It's being commented on throughout the country, in the United Kingdom, even as far away as Iceland.

"I never would have thought it would be this big," said dog owner Tanya Meyer. "I'm so unspoken for words for what people have been saying to us and sharing their stories."

Zoey, an 18-month-old Weimaraner, lab mix was shot and killed with an arrow. Her owners found her about 20 feet away from a neighboring tree stand.

"I'm going to get all teary," explained Meyer as she wiped her eyes. "She was just a puppy. I've had her just a year and a half, we got her from the humane society."

It all started Friday morning. Meyer says she let the animals outside but when she went to let them in Zoey wasn't there.

"I called for her, I didn't see her, she didn't come," explained Meyer.

So, the family asked neighbors, searched surrounding properties, but couldn't find her. Three days later though, Zoey was found.

"The arrow went through her neck and lodged into her shoulder," said Meyer. "When I saw her just laying there, I mean she was cold, blood everywhere, and I just couldn't imagine somebody doing that to an animal."

The family took to social media hoping to raise awareness. But in just 24 hours it was more than anyone could have imagined.

"I have 660 friend requests on my page," said Meyer. "We're getting people from UK, even Iceland have been contacting us."

Town of Rome police officers say they're still investigating what happened.

"At this point it is unknown if this was an intentional shooting of the dog or if it was an accidental shooting," said Sgt. Jason Lauby.

But what this family does know is they want justice for Zoey.

"How could you do this to my dog?" Cried Meyer. "This is my dog and you hurt our whole family."

To look at the page, "Justice for Zoey" click here:

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