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New Marshfield Clinic opening in Stevens Point


Marshfield Clinic is expanding into a new market.

The clinic is moving into Stevens Point.

Leaders said the design will make healthcare easier and more efficient.

The new Marshfield Clinic in Stevens Point may not look like you'd expect.

"This is completely unique to the Marshfield Clinic system," said Jim Petersen, Marshfield Clinic Stevens Point Center Manager.

The clinic's manager said the project has been in the works for about three years.

"We still are having oncology and radiation oncology services located at St. Michael's Hospital, but we wanted to consolidate and grow our services in a building of our own," said Petersen.

Leaders said the new facility cost $19 million. It will be home to about 18 specialists.

"We're right nearby, it's very centralized, really a team concept, so we're all together, working side-by-side," said Dr. Bill Benn, Marshfield Clinic Physician.

Marshfield Clinic leaders said this location is a little bit different. One thing you'll notice, you check yourself into your own exam room.

"The patients are coming in on one side of the exam room, the staff comes in on the other side, so their workstation's here," said Dr. Benn.

Dr. Bill Benn said the new design helps patients get better care, faster.

The clinic has themed halls for different departments.

"I can go from room to room to room because they're about 10 feet apart, and if they have a question for me, I'm right there, so we believe the care will be quicker, less wasted time," said Dr. Benn.

Clinic officials said this design is based on a new concept.

"The focus on the on-stage side is the patient and off-stage side, that's where our staff works behind the scenes with the providers and physicians," said Petersen.

Leaders hope this expansion is just the beginning of their growth. The center opens November 4th.

Officials say Marshfield Clinic employees are training as they get ready for the grand opening. 

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