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LAX shooting impacts airports throughout the country


The shooting at Los Angeles International Airport is impacting other airports across the country. Many airports have reported canceled or delayed flights throughout the day. But what about in our area?

At Central Wisconsin Airport, most flights were are on time Friday. The ones that weren't, airport officials say were mainly due to weather.

CWA officials say they were notified of the shooting at LAX but that it didn't impact procedures or security at the airport. But officials say passengers leaving here might run to some problems as they continue on with their travel plans.

"Earlier flights or flights earlier today were going to be withheld at the departing airports. I can only imagine that be Chicago, Atlanta and so forth, those direct route flights, others would be diverted because of this incident," said CWA airport manager Tony Yaron.

The Associated Press reports almost every airport is back up and running. But there are still some delays throughout the country.

This situation makes all of us think about airport safety. Central Wisconsin Airport has recently renovated. Those changes included reviewing security measures. Yaron says he's confident this airport is secure and safe.

"We review those security measures on a regular basis, a routine basis, and obviously when we got a new space like this we got to look at the security as a matter of regulation and make sure we're up to it," explained Yaron.

Airport officials still advise travelers to check their flight status on the airline's website or at the airport.

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