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Where the Locals Eat: Ethnic food

Newsline 9 is once again going where the locals eat. But this time we try out a new theme—ethnic food.

First, we visit Taqueria Tres Hermanos in Wausau. We found Nate Zurawski inside. He says he's a regular customer.

"Me and my buddies stopped in, had tacos, and they're great," said Zurawski. "I've been here a few times since."

That's what seems to happen here. It's not the easiest place to find on Fulton Street near downtown Wausau. But when people do find it, it tends to become a regular spot.

The owner, Rosalba Julio, started this restaurant because, she said, "we noticed a lot of Mexicans around Wausau, and we Mexicans really like tacos."

She said she wants to give people in Wausau an authentic Mexican experience.

I decided to try tacos al pastor, Mexican style. Al pastor is marinated pork. My tacos came in corn tortillas with cilantro and onions, and they were piping hot.

I plowed through my first taco and was grateful I'd ordered two of them. They were delicious and tasted very authentic.

As I wrapped up my meal, I noticed something else on the tray. I thought it was just a pepper.

Well, it was a pepper, all right—a jalapeno pepper.

Fire alarm!

My mouth stayed on fire well after we left the restaurant. But so did my desire to return for some truly authentic Mexican tacos.

Taqueria Tres Hermanos in Wausau—a place where the locals eat.

One more stop on our ethnic journey—a taste of China.

Mitch Meurette is the executive chef and co-owner of Peking in Wausau.

"We really put our heart and soul into what we do and we love making our food," said Meurette. "We've been doing it for a long time."

The restaurant was founded in 1980 by Jeff Cheng and his brother Jesse.

"It's my dream is to make everybody happy to try our authentic Chinese cuisine," said Jeff Cheng.

The restaurant sits a unique setting—an old hotel ballroom.

"Eating Chinese food in a Great Gatsby atmosphere—I guess that kind of sums it up a little bit," said Meurette.

I was excited to see what Peking had to offer. Meurette cooked up three dishes for me—strawberry chicken, basil shrimp with asparagus, and governor's chicken.

Governor's chicken—one of the restaurant's most popular dishes—has "peanuts, peas, onions, peppers, a little spicy in a darker sauce that has won the hearts of many over the years," said Meurette.

It definitely had a nice spice to it.

I also tried the strawberry chicken. That was my favorite. The fruit seemed to explode in my mouth.

Customers say they keep coming back.

"Look at the quantity. The quality is outstanding. And they're so good to you here," said regular customer Bob Nigbor. "They really are. They're good people."

I'll second that. The staff came up every few minutes asking if I needed anything. Honestly, I didn't. Everything I needed was right there on the table. It was definitely an A-plus meal.

Peking in Wausau—another place where the locals eat.

You can always leave suggestions for your favorite restaurants. Just go to Daniel Woodruff's Facebook page and leave a comment.

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