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Town of Hull seeing water shortages


A water war is brewing in Portage County.

Some Town of Hull homeowners say they're running out of water and blame a new well in Stevens Point for their problems.

But Stevens Point city leaders say that well has nothing to do with it.

Residents in the Town of Hull say since the new well became fully operational about a year ago, more than 60 homeowners have reported water shortages.

"To date we have had 33 wells that have had to be replaced lacking water, and we've had another 34 that have had pumping problems," said John Holdridge, Town of Hull chairman.

"I don't think it's a coincidence that all of these wells in the neighborhood are going bad just like that," said Brian Mandeville of the Town of Hull.

But the mayor of Stevens Point disagrees.

"I think the situation that a lot of those sand points would naturally be failing on their own and needing to be replaced with a drilled well is highly likely," said Stevens Point Mayor Andrew Halverson.

According to the city's research, all of the homes having water problems were built around the same time, meaning those private wells were drilled decades ago.

The city argues those wells need to be replaced.

"The science that we do posses indicates that well number 11 hasn't done anything to contribute to any of those concerns that are arising right now in the town of Hull," added Halverson.

The residents of Hull strongly disagree.

They tell Newsline 9 the next step is to hire a hydrologist before winter to find out whether the water table is dropping.

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