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Wood Co. event raises $10K for child with cancer


Halloween isn't just another holiday for Bonita Wolosek.

"I have always been a Halloween nut,” said Wolosek. “I've always decorated since I was 18 since we lived in this house."

She has been collecting decorations for 30 years, and her husband Mike helps her too. Five years ago they decided to use their witches and spiders for a good cause.

"The reward you get the night of it is just unbelievable it's like winning the lottery," said Wolosek.

Fright for Life became their annual fundraiser and turned their house into a Halloween spook town. This year, they decided to help three-year-old Hadley Behrend, who has leukemia.

"She's a little doll she's energetic or she was energetic all the time," said Arden Payne, Hadley's grandfather.

We first introduced you to the cause right here on Newsline 9, helping raise $10,000.

"Really having you guys put this out to the public a lot of people don't hear about if you're not from Wisconsin Rapids it did just a big turn around," said Wolosek.

Hadley's grandfather Arden took the young girl to the event. He says he's overwhelmed by the community's support, but he never thought it would raise so much money.

"I know they don't have all the money they can use and they still come out and support people who are in some sort of need," said Payne.

Hadley's grandparents received the big check Saturday from the Wolosek's.

"This has opened my eyes to this area i didn't know this kind of thing happens,"said Payne.

Bonita and her husband are grateful too and are still in shock that about 1,300 people attended the event.

"Everybody comes, everybody enjoys themselves we know we're helping the family it becomes a very very big community event," said Wolosek.

For now, Hadley's grandparents will continue to help their granddaughter. Even though she's going through chemotherapy, they'll make sure she still enjoys being a child.

The Wolosek's say they are hoping to raise even more money next year for whoever the cause will support.

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