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Outdoors with Lauren: Ice Fishing with Technology

With dropping temperatures avid outdoors men are looking forward to ice fishing, but it's important to prepare for the cold weather..  
Deep Freeze owner Brad Zdroik was fed up Sitting over his ice fishing hole when he came up with an idea. "it was basically a pipe dream, and we're thinking man, there has to be a better way to alert us when we have a tip up." That's when Blue Tipz was born.
"We finally met up with an engineer down in Madison who was capable of implementing the technology for us and it took off from there."
Once the fish bite your line the tip up is activated, and it alerts you.
Even if your secret ice fishing hole is in a remote area with no cell phone service, you can still keep track of your success. "Do you need to have cell phone reception with blue tipz? The answer is no. It works on blue tooth technology which is completely independent of cell phone reception."
The product's creator says that lets ice fishermen worry less, and have more fun.  
"My favorite part about the product is we can play cards in the ice shack and relax and wait for the tip up to go off."
Blue Tipz can be found on their website by clicking here

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