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Gov. Walker devotes chapter in new book to knocking Romney

Gov. Scott Walker's book comes out Tuesday, and in it he talks about more than just himself.

He devotes an entire chapter to criticizing Mitt Romney.

Last June Walker appeared side by side with Romney at a rally in Janesville.

"We need a leader, and that leader is Gov. Mitt Romney," Walker said at the time.

Now, in his new book, Unintimidated: A Governor's Story and a Nation's Challenge, Walker distances himself from the former presidential candidate and the way he ran his campaign.

In the book, Walker calls Romney a "decent and compassionate man" but sums up the candidate's failed bid by writing, "Mitt Romney never made the case for himself as a bold reformer," and that he came across as "'rich' and out of touch."

Some of Romney's comments during the presidential campaign certainly didn't help his cause, and Walker agrees, writing that President Ronald "Reagan did not dismiss 47 percent of the country as a bunch of moochers."

Walker also says Romney never had a positive campaign message. In the book, he says he wrote an email to Romney telling him to step things up. But Walker says he never received a response.

Gov. Walker even compares Romney to his recall opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

"President Obama won by using the same successful message we employed in the recall election, while Mitt Romney lost by emulating the failed message of Mayor Barrett," Walker writes.

Walker did praise Romney for tapping congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate, writing, "Paul is one of the smartest and most courageous people I know in politics" and calling him a "bold reformer." But Walker says Romney "distanced himself from Paul's reforms."

Newsline 9 was unable to reach Mitt Romney for comment.

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