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UPDATE: Man says Amherst business search connected to murder allegations

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The owner of a Portage County store is trying to clear his name.

One day after investigators made their way through the B Bar 10 in Amherst, the owner, Laine Shields, said he's the target of false murder allegations.

"They were looking for hidden rooms, they were looking for hidden compartments, they were looking for sawed off shotguns, they were looking for sawed off rifles," said Shields.

The state's Division of Criminal Investigation said it was helping Waupaca County officials search the store.

Though emergency vehicles have left the parking lot, Shields said the damage has been done.

"They tore it apart, they tore some of the walls apart," said Shields.

Shields said it took nearly 12 hours and he said it's not the first time.

"They'd already been there with a search warrant in March," said Shields.

Shields said he's been accused of murdering multiple people by a former employee.

He said that includes a cold case from Weyauwega in the early 1990's.

"They were going to give him the death penalty and he finally worked a deal between Oklahoma and Wisconsin and he said he would go ahead and turn over the person that killed the two people in Weyauwega," said Shields.

We asked Shields to see the copy of the search warrant he was given but he declined.

Shields said during the search, he was kept under surveillance.

"They kept somebody with me at all times."

Now, Shields said he just wants to clear his name and clean up his home.

"I'm not guilty of murdering these 5 people," said Shields.

We reached out to D.C.I. officials for answers after Shields' interview. They declined to comment.


The man who said he's the owner of a Portage County store, swarmed by investigators, is speaking out.

Officers executed a search warrant at the B Bar 10 Tuesday.

The western clothing store is located in Amherst.

Now, the man said this is all because he was falsely accused of murder.

For most of the day, emergency vehicles from multiple agencies filled the parking lot of the B Bar 10 in Amherst.

Officials from the Division of Criminal Investigation said they're helping Waupaca County investigators execute a search warrant.

Authorities only said it's part of an ongoing investigation.

The man who said he's the owner of the store contacted Newsline 9.

He said he's been falsely accused of murdering multiple people in the past 20 years.

"They executed a search warrant, searched all the property here and all the buildings, looking for guns and shotguns and tunnels and hidden rooms on the property," said Laine Shields.

Laine Shields said he's owned the B Bar 10 for 41 years.

He said a former employee falsely identified him for a number of murders in the 1990's.

"He said that he drove me to the people over here in Weyauwega and that I killed both of them," said Shields.

Shields said his property was already searched in March.

"We're looking for more clues, more paperwork, this and that, I cooperated with them in March 100% and I cooperated today with them," said Shields.

State investigators would not confirm any of the details from Shield's story.

Even with nightfall, crews from Waupaca County, Portage County and the state Division of Criminal Investigation worked at the scene.

As for shields, he said he's under surveillance inside the store and his property is being torn apart.

"My house adjoins the store, they are tearing the walls apart for hidden compartments," said Shields.

Shields also said this investigation has hurt his reputation.

"It's totally ruined my personal life and my business life since this whole ordeal started," said Shields.

Investigators have not said what sparked the search.

We reached out for comment from the D.C.I. after we interviewed Shields.

Officials told us the investigation is ongoing.


AMHERST (WAOW) – Several law enforcement vehicles swarmed to an Amherst business on Tuesday to execute a search warrant in an ongoing investigation, a spokeswoman for Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said.

The state Division of Criminal Investigation is assisting local law enforcement in a search at B Bar 10, a western clothing store, spokeswoman Dana Brueck said in an email.

The search warrant was issued by Waupaca County, according to Brueck.

"No further information about the nature of the investigation is available at this time," she wrote. "I do not expect any updates today as a result of the warrant."

Portage and Waupaca county sheriff's vehicles were at the scene along with 10 unmarked cars.

As of 2 p.m., no one at the scene was available to comment. No one answered the telephone at the business either.

B Bar 10 opened more than 40 years ago and specializes in the "finest western wear, western boots and cowboy gear available," according to its web site.

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