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Outdoors with Lauren: Deer Disease


With just four days left until opening day for gun deer season, the DNR wants to raise awareness on a disease that deer can carry.
DNR Warden Ben Herzfeldt explains, "CWD or chronic wasting disease. It lives and is defective in the deer. It's believed to be spread by close proximity from deer to deer."
Herzfeldt says Chronic Wasting Disease is similar to a common cold for humans.  If a lot of people are in a congested area and sharing food and drinks, the cold can spread.  The same goes for deer, and it's important to keep an eye out for the symptoms while hunting.
"If your deer looks sick or looks frail, the ears are drooping or it's skinny, that could be a possible sign for it. The department is especially interested in adult male deer. Those are the ones that we see a bigger transmission with the C.W.D.."
Herzfeldt says if you suspect the deer you've shot may have C.W.D. it's important to bring it to a special registration station to get it sampled.  If C.W.D. is present, you can still feed your family with your hunted trophy, but Herzfeldt says you need to take the proper precautions.
"They say to stay away from the spinal cord and lymphnodes and brain matter which most people do anyway. As long as you clean your meat and cook it thoroughly you should have no problems."

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