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Made in Wisconsin: Cheese


There are plenty of places to find great Wisconsin cheese.

In this edition of Made in Wisconsin, Newsline 9 is taking you on a behind the scenes look at a cheese store in the fox valley, where products from our state take center stage.

At Simon's Cheese store in Appleton, you can find cheese by the block, cheese by the square, cheese trays and cheese curds.

"That's always a highlight of the store," said store manager Mary McCauley.

The saying at Simon's goes something like this – there's no cheese like Wisconsin cheese, there's no Wisconsin cheese like Simon's.

The company started in the 1940s. Now, Simon's managers say the company makes 800,000 pounds of cheese every day.

"We have a great variety of Wisconsin cheeses. We have three cheese plants that are all in this area," said McCauley.

Once the cheese is made, it's brought to the store in 40-pound blocks. It's then cut up to be used in cheese trays or to be sold in individual pieces.

"We've got award winning cheddar, feta, mozzarella, provolone," said McCauley.

Cheese so good, some customers, like Jenna Van De Kreeke stock up.

"I really like to take the cheese from Simon's," she said.

She's on her way to Florida for the winter and says down south, the cheese just isn't the same.

"Wisconsin is cheese -- our Cheesehead Packers," said Van De Kreeke.

All the products that go into making the cheese are also made in Wisconsin.

"We use Wisconsin milk, we have farmers, also called patrons that are right in our backyards that we're using to make the great cheese," said McCauley.

While cheese may be in the business' name, it's not the only thing Simon's is known for. There are fresh, made to order pizzas topped with cheese.

And homemade fudge. Some varieties, featuring, of course cheese.

"We have 15-20 different flavors always on hand," said McCauley.

Simon's cheese is only available in the store and online. Managers say they see a big boost in business during the holiday season, bringing in more employees to keep up.

"During the holidays we have about 80 because of the great demand for our cheese boxes for presents and stuff," said McCauley.

So while it may be too late to shop for Thanksgiving, there is still plenty of cheese to go around for the rest of the holidays.

"People love Wisconsin cheese," said McCauley.

And apparently, Simon's Cheese as well.

Made in Wisconsin.


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