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Central Wisconsin shoppers head out early for Black Friday deals



Holiday shoppers were out in force Thursday night.

Target in Weston was just one store that opened Thanksgiving night. Store managers estimated more than a thousand people lined up outside the store.

The holiday shoppers lined the sidewalks for hours. When Target opened their doors at 8 p.m. Thursday, no one let their turkey dinner slow them down.

Other stores opened earlier this year too. Shoppers outside Best Buy in Rib Mountain worked to stay warm.

"Doing some doing some jumping jacks. We brought a tent and we had some hand warmers. We're also taking shifts in my car, turning on the heat," said Dawson Kummerow.

Family and new friends tried to keep cozy.

"I came along to be of assistance to my husband, to keep him from freezing his buns off and his feet," said Bernadette Bashinski.

Best Buy's store manager says they let 20 people into the store at a time. He said that was part of their safety strategy.

"The customer wants us to be here for them and safety has to be a concern. Doing 20 at a time allows them to still maintain their place in line. But it prevents people from running over people. It just makes it better," said Jason Schlafer.

The manager said they weren't sure how many people to expect since this was the first year many stores opened on Thanksgiving.

"At the end of the day you put a smile on your face, you put people in the right spots, and that's all we have to go on," said Schlafer.

Some costumers said they still prefer Black Friday.

"It's kind of messed up how they did that. It kind of throws everybody off and takes the fun out of it," said Brandon Graefe.

Whether people like the new schedule or not, thousands showed their enthusiasm for holiday deals at Target.










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