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How people are dealing with the frigid weather


The temperature keeps falling and falling.  

"It's been freezing!" said Lorelle Radder of Brokaw.

People felt the dropping temperatures the minute they walked out the door.

"Going from the garage which was maybe 35 or 40 to zap, what was it like, 10 or something like that and the wind chill was God knows what," said Radder.

"I dropped my two girls off at school I told them to put their snow pants on even though it isn't snowing because it's so chilly today," said Zina Harrington of Rib Mountain.

The Marathon County Health Department advises three things to be aware of when it gets this cold.

"Dress warmly, they should not ignore warning signs of the cold on their body, and they should eat a well balanced meal," said Dale Grosskurth, the environmental health and safety director.

Experts also say to stay dry.

"If you sweat or perspire and get cold you're going to chill a whole lot faster," said Grosskurth.

Working too hard can also cause serious problems.

"If you're over-exerting yourself in particular if you're not used to it it can put a significant strain on your heart and could lead to a heart attack," said Grosskurth.

The department says following these rules can prevent problems like frostbite or hypothermia.

"You would really wish you had the gloves a hat and a couple of candy bars," said Grosskurth.

So as the cold temperatures continue, people are avoiding that winter weather and staying inside.

"We'll be wrapped I bought a couple of fleece blankets," said Radder.

"Sometimes you just got to hibernate here in Wisconsin," said Harrington.

Health Department experts also say not to rub your hands together if they are already frostbitten. They say the best thing to do in this weather is stay inside.

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