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Antigo cracks down on shoveling sidewalks

ANTIGO (WAOW) - Antigo is trying to break the ice on sidewalks.

The city is getting rid of the way it usually tells people to clear their sidewalks, which was door hangers. Instead, they now send a one time notice in the mail.

"We put a reminder in all of the water or utility bills that go out once a year at the start of the season," said Sarah Repp, the Antigo Parks and Recreation director.

Starting this week, people have 48 hours to shovel and salt their sidewalks, or the city comes with its own clean up crew and a fine.

"It's a $75 administrative fee and on top of that it's labor and it's a half hour minimum our labor charge is $50 an hour," said Repp.

That's at least $100. But Antigo's Parks and Recreation director says the city has its reasons.

"What we're trying to do is promote safe walking in the winter and limit slips, trips and falls," said Repp.

Several people we talked to about the snow-shoveling policy like it.

"If the older people are walking their dogs and if the sidewalks aren't taken care of, and if they fall and break their hip and spend the rest of their time in a nursing home, that wouldn't be good,” said Belinda Daniels of Antigo.

City leaders say they already have a list of reported violations.

"Right now we have about 30 to 40 properties that we're going to be going out and looking at," said Repp.

But how do people know if they're shoveling enough?

"Call us and ask us to take a look at what you're doing," said Repp.

Helping make sure people just clear their sidewalks, not their wallets.

The city does offer free sand or salt for anyone who needs it at the street department location off West Pierce Avenue.

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