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Making the best of the cold with some fun experiments


There are so many ways to say it, arctic conditions, frigid blast, cold snap. But really it's just plain freezing outside. So why not take advantage and try some experiments you can only do in weather like this.

Crystallize water in the air. Take a cup and fill it with boiling water to warm it up. Take the full cup outside and throw it all up into the air. As the +212°F water meets the cold air, it instantly vaporizes. Most of it is turned into a cloud of steam that drifts gently away.

Frozen bubbles. When the temperatures are below freezing, bubbles that you blow will freeze. Head outside and find a location sheltered from the wind and experiment with blowing bubbles. As you blow them they will freeze to the wand. Try to pop them and they'll look like little pieces of saran wrap floating in the air. A quick tip, chill your bubble solution in the freezer to help them freeze quicker.

Frozen bananas. Take a regular banana and leave it outside on a hard surface. Go back and check it every thirty minutes. Depending on the temperatures it should take about 30 minutes to become frozen solid. Test the strength by taking a board and nail and using the banana as a hammer.

For other cold weather experiments check out this link:

While the frigid temperatures aren't exactly ideal, at least you can have some fun. And a cup of hot chocolate at the end doesn't hurt either.

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