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Mosinee man crafts ice candles for wife

MOSINEE (WAOW) - A lit up driveway in Mosinee is 20 years in the making.

Every year, Philip Peterson hand crafts ice candles as a gift for his wife.

"These candles, to me, represent his love for me," said Deb Peterson.

The display started as a simple surprise many years ago when the couple was just dating.

"I made a couple blocks, put them out by the manger," said Philip Peterson.

"He said 'Hey Deb, come out here, I want you to see the manger' and I said okay. I come out and there was these two beautiful candles on each side of the manager. And I said 'Where did these come from? They're awesome.' And he said, 'Well, I made them.'"

"I call them ice candles," said Philip.

Those candles have become their holiday tradition.

"It's all I wait for is my Christmas candles," said Deb.

This year, there are 51 Christmas candles. They were all made by hand.

"I start with a five gallon pail. I fill it up all the way to the top and set it out at night and let it freeze," explained Philip, "Then I take a heat gun and go around the pale and then it drops out. Then I take a drill and drill it out."

He says the work is worth it.

"It's just something she loves and I love and it keeps Christmas simple," said Philip.

The couple says the real highlight is the simple scene at the end of their shining drive-way.

"They lead right up to the manger," said Philip.

"It's about love. It's about family. And it's jesus coming into the world for all of us," said Deb.

The family plans to continue celebrating that every year with ice candles.

The Petersons only light the candles a few nights each winter. They will be lit again on New Years Eve.

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