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Post-Christmas shopping frenzy

WAUSAU (WAOW) - Now that the Christmas presents are unwrapped, shoppers went back to the stores.

But why are people still shopping?

"Just coming in to get more newness," said Yvonne Rivera of Weston.

After buying presents for family, Rivera wanted to shop for herself.

"I had a hard time shopping before Christmas because of all the good sales, and I wanted to buy for myself instead of everyone else,” said Rivera. “But now is my time."

She's been lucky so far.

"I found some awesome shoes some purses three five dollars it's been really good,” said Rivera.

Some stores in the Wausau Mall had clearance sales from 30 to 75 percent off, but people had other reasons to hit the stores.

"We also have a few returns," said Nancy Arrowood of Pickerel.

They're not the only ones. Over at Best Buy in Rib Mountain, customers are making returns, too.

"It's going to be a duplicate gift so multiple people got them the same thing,” said Angela Twaroski, the multi channel supervisor. “Otherwise it's you know I got a video game and it wasn't exactly the one I wanted. So they're coming in and getting a different video game."

Another reason is to redeem gift cards. Best Buy in Rib Mountain had a flood of people redeeming those cards.

"Gift cards were one of our big promotions that we had throughout the holidays, and afterward it really gives people the opportunity to get what they want," said Twaroski.

Getting what they want, while stores still have holiday sales.

"It's different things every day, but there's always going to be something," said Twaroski.

These deals won't last for long. Most stores in the mall and Best Buy have sales continuing until the weekend for anyone wanting to take advantage of all the sales.

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