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Promise of Packers playoffs bringing in big bucks

GREEN BAY (WAOW) - Green Bay is buzzing, counting down to the big game.

When the Packers are at home during the playoffs, that means a lot of money for businesses.

Stadium View Bar and Grill owners say on a normal Sunday, they have a staff of about 20. But this Sunday, it's more like 150 as the restaurant gets set for a massive crowd.

"It helps everybody's bottom line quite a bit," said Stadium View Owner Jerry Watson.

Watson says thousands of people will come through his bar. Some before the game, some during and some after. But all of them bring in big bucks.

"Just a regular Sunday versus a playoff game is 40 times the money," Watson added.

Stadium View isn't alone. Right across the street, Best Western employees say they're close to being fully booked for the weekend.

"We're looking forward to it. We can't wait. Waiting for people to come back and have a good time," said Best Western Front Desk Manager Mary Garrison.

Garrison says home playoff games extend their busy holiday season.

"It really gives us a boost. It sets us up for the whole year," she added.

What would a Packers game be without the proper gear. Managers at the Jersey Store say there's already high demand.

"I think because of the way they won it this year, it was a surprise almost on how they kept persevering until they got the job done. There's been a little more demand for the division champ stuff than there has been the last couple years," said Jersey Store Manager Mike Walters.

The store will have NFC North Championship merchandise starting Tuesday.

"Any time you put 70-80,000 people in a limited area that are big fans and they're looking to spend big money on the merchandise, and any time you can get a game after Christmas, anytime you can get sales in January, makes a big difference to the bottom line," said Walters.

It's those 80,000 along with the rest of Packers Nation that are counting down to Sunday.

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